Saturday, November 3, 2007


  • Well, they finally did it. They fucking killed BK. The closest BK to me has now shut down. How is it that nobody can fucking operate a Burger King in this city. I passed 3 McDonald's on the way. Now the nearest BK is like up in Wrigleyville. That's the fucking end of me. BK is my god damn hangover comfort food. Now I can't get it. FUCK FUCK. Maybe don't operate a goddamn TACO FRESCO in the same building. Nobody wants Taco Fresco. Nobody knows what Taco Fresco is. Way to give make 50% of your franchise worth zero.
  • Why the fuck isn't there any parking by my work. They closed down like one street for construction, one for no reason, random parking meters just out of commission and god forbid I get a free parking spot when the city's piece of shit meters break. No, they quickly slip a TOW ZONE cap on them. How about FIXING them motherfuckers or at least not exacerbating a problem.

OHHhhhhhh stroke imminent.