Thursday, January 4, 2007

Lengthier Economics Complaint

I must protest the current batch of Miller High Life ads. Putting aside the fact that High Life is a shitty brew made of algae-laden sea foam and fermented dandelions unfit even for hobo consumption, these ads insult my intelligence.

The saucy fellow in the picture storms into snooty establishments and reclaims the High Life because apparently these places are over-priced. I wish he could explain how creating a scarcity of a product would produce the "tasty price" he claims to champion. Before you know it, cases of High Life (and the only beer worse than High Life: High Life Light) will be on eBay going for triple face value. And maybe that would be for the best. But still. This perversion of simple supply-and-demand principles cannot stand. I hereby complain about it.

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